Roofing Skylights Bring A Little of The Outdoors Indoors

Skylights make a wonderful addition to any home by taking advantage of natural light to brighten rooms, reduce electric bills and make rooms appear larger. Additionally, roofing skylights can have a variety of physical and psychological health benefits for home and business owners. Studies show that natural light from the sun can enhance moods making people feel happier. Natural sunlight also encourages the production of vitamin D, stimulates the mind and can help lower blood pressure and stress. Skylights can be fixed or ventilated, meaning they open either manually or electronically to allow warm air to be drawn out of the house like a chimney. Ventilated roofing skylights can help minimize the need for fans as they naturally help increase air to flow and circulation. bedroom with roofing skylightsHigh quality, ENERGY STAR rated skylights may also qualify for tax credits. Available in various sizes and trim colors, consider adding a skylight or sun tunnel to add value to your home or business.

Product Benefits:

  • Provides health benefits of natural sunlight
  • Brightens rooms and hallways, making them seem larger
  • Can increase your home’s value
  • Can reduces energy costs
  • Takes advantage of sunlight while maximizing privacy from neighbors
  • 20 year manufacturer's warranty

Fixed Skylight

Fixed Velux Roofing Skylight

Fixed skylights are perfect for adding light in hallways, stairwells and other closed-in, dark spaces. Economical and easy to install, fixed skylights can make any space feel more cheery and roomy.

Fresh Air Skylight

Fresh Air Roofing Skylight

Fresh air skylights vent to the outside by either manual operation or electronic operation. Solar-powered options are also available eliminating the need for electrical wiring. Regardless of which type, fresh air skylights take advantage of both natural light and ventilation, bringing the benefits of the outdoors indoors.

Sun Tunnel

Roof Sun Tunnel

Sun tunnels are typically smaller than skylights and feature a mirrored shaft that extends from the roof into the ceiling or a room. They tend to be a more economical and a great alternative for homes that do not have existing skylights. Sun tunnels can be installed on a pitched roof or a flat roof, making them a great option for residential and commercial properties.

More information about skylights and sun tunnels can be found on our manufacturer's website:
Velux Roofing Skylights

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