Roof Inspections and Repairs

Extend the Life of Your Roof With Routine Roof Inspections and Repairs

Your roof is no different than any other part of your home – routine roof inspections and repairs, as well as regular maintenance are required for maximizing the life of your roof. Understanding natural roof aging and performing routine inspections will help you assess its health and spot damage before it becomes a problem. It will also help you know when you need to plan to replace your roof.

Analyzing Your Roof: Understanding its Environment

environmental factors make roof inspections and repairs criticalConsider the environment your roof must withstand day in and out:

  • Extreme heat in summer
  • Extreme cold in the winter
  • Harsh UV light
  • Freeze and thaw cycles
  • High winds and debris
  • Rain, snow and hail

In the heat of our North Carolina summers a rooftop can reach temperatures of 160 F. With frequent rain and thunderstorms your rooftop can quickly drop 60-100 degrees sending it into thermal shock and causing rapid expansion and contraction of the shingles. Add in high winds and storm damage from hail and debris, and your roof is really put to the test.

Additionally, there are internal factors that can negatively impact the performance of your roof such as improper ventilation. Research confirms that a lack of proper ventilation in an attic prevents adequate airflow, resulting in increased attic temperatures and higher moisture content. This can shorten the lifespan of some roofing products and the higher moisture can cause deck movement and deterioration, ultimately shortening the life of your roof.

Between the internal and external elements, it is a hostile environment. It is important to know what to look for when inspecting your roof so you can be prepared to make roof repairs or replace your roof when the time comes.

Signs of Natural Roof Aging:

All roofing systems begin the aging process the moment installation is complete. Just as the human body changes with time, so does your roof. This often means changes in the color and appearance. Exactly how your roof shows age will vary from product to product. Signs of natural aging include:

  • roof inspections and repairs help identify roof ageGranule loss: Over time with wind and rain, asphalt shingles will gradually lose their granules. The older the roof, the more the loss.
  • Curling on shingle edges: It is common to see some slight curling of the shingle edges on a “young” roof. As the roof enters mid-life and then declining years this becomes more pronounced and more indicative of age.
  • Discoloration and fading: UV light from the sun can cause many roofing products to discolor or fade. Certain roofing products sometimes discolor due to algae growth which usually appears as dark streaks.
  • Blisters: Small bubble-like raised areas will appear on some roofs as the age. They can be open or closed blisters and usually appear as a result of improper ventilation.
  • Surface Cracking: With age many roofing products become brittle making them susceptible to surface cracks. These should be closely monitored as deep cracks that penetrate underlying reinforcements can be cause for repair.
damaged roof, routinely perform roof inspections and repairs
Signs of Roof Damage:

Common signs of roof damage that warrant immediate attention include:

  • Missing shingles (common from wind or storm damage)
  • Severely cracked, split, curling and blistering shingles
  • Shingles that buckle
  • “Wrinkles” in the roof (usually rubber roofing)
  • Mold or decay on wood shingles
  • Flashing tears and buckling around roof penetrations
  • Water stains on the ceiling or walls inside your home
Professional Roof Inspections

While we encourage all home and business owners to routinely inspect their roofs for damage, we highly recommend having your roof professionally inspected every 2 years or after a very serious storm where hail was present. A professional roof inspection is meticulous, involving both interior and exterior analysis of the roofing system. During an inspection we look for potential leaks either from storm damage or from deteriorating flashing around chimneys, vents and air pipes. We also assess how quickly the roof is aging, weak points that could pose potential problems and shorten the roof’s life, as well as other elements that may be missed by the untrained eye. A professional roof inspection should only be performed by a licensed contractor that specializes in roofing. Contact us today to schedule your professional inspection.

Timely Roof Repairs Prevent Further Damage

roof inspections and repairs by certified techniciansMaking timely roof repairs is critical for ensuring your homes protection and preventing further damage. Often times if damage is localized and identified early enough, repairs can be made to that area, minimizing costs and the need for a full roof replacement. Repairs to torn flashing can be made quickly and easily in most cases, preventing leaks and further damage. Leaks can be hard to spot from the outside. It is usually when you notice a water stain on the ceiling or wall that you know you have a problem. The sooner you address the problem the better, as unrepaired leaks can cause mold and mildew to grow which can quickly become a health hazard. Contact us today if you have a leak or are in need of a roof repair.

At Elite Roofing LLC our teams are trained to properly inspect all elements of a roofing system and identify any structural issues that could put your home at risk. They are also fully equipped to make any and all types of roofing repairs. Some roof repairs are critical and require immediate attention. We offer 24/7 emergency services for such cases.

Do You Have a Roofing Emergency?

If you’re in need of immediate roof repair, contact us to request emergency service.