Residential & Commercial New Roof Construction

New Roof Construction: Protecting & Enhancing Your New Home or Business

The professionals at Elite Roofing LLC are more than just roofing contractors, we are licensed general contractors that specialize in roofing. We are experts in all aspects of new roof construction and installation and know what to look for in the building elements that support the roof. As one of the largest and most reputable roofers in Moore County North Carolina, we have installed hundreds of roofs on new homes and businesses, and frequently work with local builders to help ensure all roofing support systems are constructed properly and with adequate ventilation.

New Roof Installation Process:

  • Roofing Product Selection Process

    At Elite Roofing LLC we work hand-in-hand with local contractors, homeowners and business owners to help select the best roofing products to fit the needs of the new home or business. This often means meeting with the builder or owner to discuss plans for the style and exterior design, including brick, stone, or siding colors so we can better assist in recommending roofing products and color options to help add aesthetic appeal.

  • Roof Foundation Inspection

    When installing a new roof for the first time, we inspect all elements of the deck boards and any underlayments that have been set by the builder to ensure proper installation. We also check for proper ventilation and flashing installation around penetrations. If changes are required we work with the builder to make any changes to help ensure and extend the life of the roofing system.

  • Sub-Material Installation

    Any additional roofing sub-materials necessary are installed first based on the roofing product selected. Such materials are required to ensure a solid, impenetrable base for the roofing system.

  • Installation of the Roof

    The chosen roofing material is installed per manufacturer recommendations. Ridge vents, ridge caps, step flashing and counter flashing are installed on all brick chimneys.

  • Site Clean Up and Inspection

    Once installation of the new roof is finished we thoroughly inspect all of our work to ensure all materials were properly installed. We recognize the importance of maintaining a clean job site and always pick up any debris or left over materials.

  • Warranty Issuance

    We extend a warranty on all new roof construction to cover the product itself and the labor of installation. Warranties vary based on the roofing product selected and the craftsmanship required for installation. The warranty period begins immediately upon completion of the new roof and transfers with the sale of the home.

At Elite Roofing LLC our teams are professional, dependable and certified by the manufacturers. We are considerate of other subcontractors who may be working on the same job site, and work diligently and efficiently. We uphold high standards of quality and do not leave a job site until our work is 100% complete and the customer is satisfied.

Planning a New Construction Project?

If you are planning a new construction project, let us help you protect your investment with an Elite roof. Contact us today to learn more about the roofing options and styles available and request a quote.
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